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Marina Bay Street Circuit, Singapore

The Singapore Grand Prix is one of the most atmospheric of the year. The race has always been held on the 5.065 km long Marina Bay circuit. It is famous mainly for always being run at night, starting at 8pm local time, the track lit as bright as day with floodlights. Marina Bay is a street circuit with many of the usual right angle bends and few straight sections. Brakes get a really hard time because it is hard to cool them, partly because even though the race is run at night, it is always very hot, making life hard on cars and drivers. The Safety Car usually has to put in an appearance because there are very few run off areas. This is also why the race often runs up to the regulation time limit of two hours. Scuderia Ferrari has won here twice, with Fernando Alonso in 2010 and with Sebastian Vettel in 2015.

The first corner
Especially at the start, this corner is very important. One must take care not to run off the track when trying to delay braking to get an advantage after the standing start.

Turn 5
Overtaking is difficult at Marina Bay, which is why turn 5 is very important. Drivers must tackle it as neatly as possible, quickly getting back on the throttle, so as to make use of the DRS to attack another driver.

Singapore Grand Prix Historic Standings from 2008
Race wins
Pole Positions
Fastest Laps
The Track


Max speed



Circuit length
5.063 m
Lap record
K.Magnussen 2018
2010 Alonso F10
2015 Vettel SF15-T
2019 Vettel SF90
2008 Massa F2008
2010 Alonso F10
2015 Vettel SF15-T
2017 Vettel SF70H
2019 Leclerc SF90
2008 Raikkonen F2008
2010 Alonso F10