Scuderia Ferrari All Access – The Team opens up to fans

18 Mar 2016

Scuderia Ferrari creates a new experience of the life of the Team, a platform where passionate Formula 1 racing fans can come to feel directly connected with the Scuderia Ferrari team by accessing the most exclusive content.

SocialSF All Access is the ultimate racing fan site with a gamification aspect that allows fans to elevate their level through social sharing of content, opinions and their enthusiasm for Scuderia Ferrari. More participation allows users to earn points, level up, access exclusive content, and be featured and celebrated by Ferrari at SocialSF All Access.

SocialSF All Access asks fans to sign-in through either Facebook or Twitter allowing them to participate and track their ranking through various activities:

– Earning Points and Badges: Points are earned for almost every action on the site including signing up, liking posts, sharing content, and sharing the site. Points also give fans access to 4 different tiers of content. The more points earned, the more exclusive the content. As fans move through the various levels (Fan, Press, VIP, and Team), they are rewarded with various achievements and increased accessed to exclusive content.

– Featuring Ferrari’s Favorites: Ferrari will select their favorite posts from each race weekend by showcasing the fan’s efforts on the site and incentivizing other fans to post great content to also be recognized and featured by the Scuderia Ferrari team.

– Taking a Challenge: Fans are asked relevant questions depending on the day to align with race day activities. Taking part in the challenge gives fans points in the race to the top of the leaderboard.

So find out how it works and start your experience with the Scuderia!

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