United States Grand Prix by Lorenzo De Felici

30 Oct 2019

The prancing horse crosses the border and dives into in the streets of Austin. The Formula 1 car’s sinuous curves sparkle under the lights of the Congress Avenue Bridge.

Lorenzo De Felici is an Italian comic artist and colourist. After graduating from the Comics School of Rome he began working as a colourist for Sergio Bonelli Editore on the mini-series «Caravan» (covers) and the series «Orfani» (interior). He continued his work as a colourist on the series «Lukas» (covers) and «Dylan Dog» issue 337, «Spazio Profondo» (interior). In 2013 he coloured the graphic novel «Monster University» for Walt Disney America. He made his debut in France on the series «Drakka» for Ankama Editions, written by Frederic Brémaud. In 2018 he co-created — with Robert Kirkman — and artist of the series «Oblivion Song», for Skybound / Image Comics.

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