The 1976 Championship restarted where the previous season had ended: with Ferrari and the two Scuderia drivers dominating. Two wins for Lauda and one for Regazzoni in the first three races with the 312 T. Equally competitive was the 312 T2, which debuted at the Spanish GP. On 1 August Lauda had a heavy accident on the Nürburgring: he was saved by two other drivers from the flames of his single-seater. The Austrian was severely hurt, but 42 days later he was back on the track in Monza, gaining 4th place in the race. The Championship was decided at the last race, held in Fuji, Japan. The Austrian retired after the second lap due to the torrential rain. James Hunt, who crossed the line third with McLaren, won the Drivers’ Title with one point ahead of the Ferrarista Lauda. The Constructors’ Title went to the Prancing Horse.

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