For Ferrari it was the start of the turbo era: the 3,000 cc naturally aspirated engine had been abandoned and now it was time for the 1.5 litre turbo powertrain, but with the problem to deal with the higher temperatures generated by this new solution. The two turbo versions planned by the Scuderia for the V6 with 120°, perfect for the needs of the wing cars compared to the massive aspirated 12 cylinders: one with two turbos (for the single-seater named 126 CK) and a Comprex compressor (the 126 CX). In the end the first solution was picked, although tests in the first GP of the year showed less problems with the Comprex. In the end the season turned out to be extremely difficult and with loads of problems related to reliability (like for all the other teams, which went for the turbo solution). With Villeneuve-Pironi the Scuderia concluded the Championship in fifth position in the Constructors’ standings with two victories and a third place with the Canadian driver. On the other side FISA and FOCA made peace thanks to Enzo Ferrari’s intervention: this is how the first Concorde Agreement was born.

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