Breathtaking improvement in terms of performance let FISA intervene in the technical regulations, putting an end to the ground effect cars. The Scuderia started the Championship with the 126 C2B, an evolution of the 126 C2 set up for the new rules and fitted with Goodyear tyres. The car was driven by the Frenchmen Patrick Tambay and René Arnoux. The car gained two victories before the debut of the 126 C3 at the British GP (9th race out of 15). The 126 C3 was an important technical progress also thanks to the monocoque made out of the most advanced material available with honeycomb aluminium panels replaced by lighter and stronger carbon fibre panels. The victories with Arnoux at the German and the Dutch GPs confirmed the strength of the new single-seater and the Scuderia won the Constructors’ Title again this year.

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126 C3

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