The F1-86 was slightly different to the 1985 single-seater. The position of the driver was more outstretched, which guaranteed a reduced front section of the car. Despite all this effort the F1-86 was the protagonist of a season to forget: it wasn’t strong enough to fight against the competition from Williams, McLaren and Lotus. Due to continuous problems with the car’s reliability the Scuderia, with Alboreto and Johansson, concluded the season without a win and with a fourth place in the Constructors’ standings, over 100 points behind the winning Williams team, which used a single-seater with a Honda engine. At the end of the season Enzo Ferrari announced that John Barnard would come to Maranello. Barnard had been the first to introduce a carbon fibre chassis in F1 in 1981 (with the McLaren MP4/1). He had won 5 Drivers’ and Constructors’ Titles between 1984 and 1986 as the father of the MP4/2 project.

Ferrari Singleseaters